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Creation of courses

I access Moodle as an administrator and create two courses. (in this case they are already created)

They have a start date and an active end date.

Checking courses in wordpress

We access WordPress –>> Edwiser Bridge –>> Courses and I check that the courses are created and the type of course is closed

Testing enrolment

We access Edwiser Bridge –>> Settings ->>Connection and we do the connection test with the moodle course from wordpress


Creating product to shell

We create the product for sale, in this case it is a product that contains the two sample Moodle courses.

We check that it is virtual and downloadable

We put a price per day, a day of tests, charge the day the course starts and we put an exact start date

Check the sales

If we go to the product sales made, we see that three people registered through the compatible recurring payment gateway, that the user has been created and has access to the courses.

Everything is ok.

The emails and passwords with which to access Moodle and My Account in wordpress arrive

The problem: one user cancel suscription...

A customer (Ursula) has canceled a subscription to the product with two courses

Her subscription is unsubscribed (checked in admin). In this situation the client should not have permissions to see her courses in moodle

...but he can access the courses in Moodle

When the user (in canceled state) tries to access Moodle they can do so and also see the courses in which they have canceled the subscription

SETTINGS from Woocommerce ->>>Subscriptions

I show here the configuration of the subscription plugin I think it works fine. Change the status of the product to scheduled for cancellation and canceled correctly. But the synchronization with Moodle for the unenrollment of the client does not occur.


When the user (in canceled state) tries to access Moodle they can do so and also see the courses in which they have canceled the subscription

All the integration between Moodle and WooCommerce works fine.
We create products with the courses, sales are made and users self-register. All ok.

But with subscriptions we have the problem that a cancellation allows access to Moodle or subscription courses.

This should not be like that.

Am I doing something wrong in the configuration? Is this how the plugin works?

How do I do so that if a client does not pay a month/day the subscription is blocked? And if he returns two months later (example), how can I penalize him?


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